Paragraph Formatting

Primary Paragraph Controls

Paragraph controls are found in the top right corner of each paragraph inside a notebook. You can use these controls to run a paragraph, copy a link to the paragraph, show/hide output, and adjust the settings.

Paragraph controls are located in the top right corner of a paragraph




Paragraph Run - Run the paragraph only using the paragraph run button


Permalink - Copy the link to the paragraph to use later


Show/Hide Editor - Show or Hide code for the paragraph


Show/Hide Output - Show or Hide the output for the paragraph


Settings - See more settings for the paragraph

You can also reorder paragraphs by clicking & dragging - click on the row of dots in the top of the paragraph to select a paragraph, and drag it to the location in the notebook you'd like move it to

Secondary Paragraph Controls

Adjust the settings of a paragraph from either clicking the setting button or my using keyboard shortcut. Under paragraph settings, users can adjust the width, location, code snippets, title, and removal of the paragraph.

When adjusting the width of the paragraph - the notebook has a width of "12" - so setting two paragraphs to 6 would put them side by side.

In some view modes, paragraph controls may be hidden by default. Mouse over the paragraph to display the control bar.