Zepl's notebook features helps people be more productive that they would be using open source software. By extending the base capabilities of open source notebooks with time saving Zepl features, you can create stunning interactive notebooks with automated version controls tracking and saving your progress along the way.

Set Interpreters

Start coding with your data science language of choice by setting a paragraph interpreter in the notebook.

Connect to Data

Finding insights with data science requires pulling in the right data. Zepl's secure Data Source feature helps you and your team define data sources once for easy reuse in many notebooks.

Code Snippets

Put together notebooks quickly by importing useful paragraph code as code snippets. It's easy to quickly save a paragraph as a code snippet to help out the rest of your team develop faster.

Data Visualization

If a picture can tell a story of a thousand words, Data Visualization can tell a story of millions of data points. Zepl makes it simple for you to build beautiful visualizations for communicating insights with your team.

Zepl Commands

Zepl includes several commands that help you interact with your notebooks.

Version Control

Zepl keeps track of your notebook revisions for you automatically as you program, making it easy to roll back to an earlier version.