Authentication & SSO

Setting SSO Provider

Zepl understands that your data, and the data science that is used to mine insights from it, is extremely valuable and sensitive. To ensure that only trusted parties can access Zepl Organizations and log in to Zepl Accounts, organizations can configure Zepl to use the identity provider platform of their choice.
When you set an SSO provider, you are controlling how your existing users are able to access Zepl - you will still need to invite these users to Zepl. To use your SSO with your Zepl account, your SSO email must match the email of your Zepl account. Zepl does not support importing groups & roles from these identity providers.
Configuring authentication providers is a two step configuration:
  1. 1.
    Extending access from your identity provider to Zepl
  2. 2.
    Configuring Zepl Single Sign-on to use that authentication provider
You can find Authentication configuration in your organization settings menu.
Your user must have a role with the appropriate permissions to view and edit the Authentication provider for your Organization.

Supported Protocols

By supporting common authentication protocols, Zepl supports more providers than we could realistically list out as integrations in the product. Many SSO and IDP vendors support multiple authentication protocols which can integrate with Zepl.

Supported Vendors

Zepl supports more providers than are documented here by supporting common authentication protocols