Scheduled Jobs

Zepl users schedule individual notebooks to execute at regular intervals with the Scheduled Jobs feature. However, they can forget about jobs that are set, causing shadow cloud costs. Organization Owners and Infrastructure Administrators can easily look at the schedules that users have set throughout the organization with the Scheduled Jobs Monitoring feature.

View Scheduled Jobs

Navigating to Scheduled Jobs Monitoring
Users with appropriate permissions will see Scheduled Jobs listed under the Monitor tab of the sidebar. The page lists out all Scheduled jobs that are scheduled up to a month in the future or have executed up to a month ago for the entire organization. This date range can be easily adjusted, and the table can be sorted on any column in the table:
  • Job name: What is the name of the job & of the notebook that the job executes upon
  • Compute resource: What resources powers the notebook's scheduled job?
  • Created by: Who created the job?
  • Schedule: When does this job run?
  • Next Run: When will this job run next?
  • Last Run: When was the last time this job ran?
  • Status: Is this job done executing, paused, canceled, or scheduled to execute soon?

View Job History

When you click on any Scheduled Job, you can see information about how that job executes and a record of when this job has executed in the past.

Edit Scheduled Jobs

You can perform the following actions by clicking on the action button of a scheduled job:
  • Edit a Schedule
  • Pause a job that is set to occur in the future
  • Resume a Paused schedule
  • Cancel a job schedule
When editing a schedule, you are simply changing the original schedule configuration. To learn about the different settings available when scheduling a job, check out that section of the documentation: