Container Execution

Zepl keeps track of every time a member of your organization runs a container resource. With the appropriate permissions, you can monitor what containers are actively running in your organization as well as see a history of containers that previously executed.
You can navigate to the container monitoring page by selecting Monitor - Containers to see this information.

Running Containers

The first tab in the container monitoring page shows you all containers that are actively running. You can click on the notebook title to see the notebook that is executing and see what is being worked on. You can also stop these running containers by clicking on the three dots and selecting Terminate to shutdown the container.
Monitor - Containers - Running

Container History

The second tab in the container monitoring page is a table which shows a log of previously executed containers. You can see the name of the notebook which was executed in the container, the space where it is stored, machine size, when the notebook was started and stopped, how long it took to execute, and who executed it.
Monitor - Containers - History
Twenty (20) records are shown per per page. For more sortable and interactive records, you can export usage records from the billing history table.