Your Zepl Organization

What is an Organization?

A Zepl Organization is your universe for working with your team on data science projects. Most teams or companies set up a single organization to collaborate together on problems.
The home page for your Zepl Organization
When signing up for Zepl, you are creating both an Organization and a personal user Account, which is a member of the organization. Zepl names your organization after your company to reflect this when you create an organization (this can be changed later).

Invite Teammates

Typically, you invite users into Zepl who are data analysts, data scientists, data engineers, business users, and team managers - anyone with a vested interest in coming together to translate business questions into data science solutions.
Organizations are "owned" by the user who initially created the organization, who is initially the only member in the organization. This initial member can invite the rest of their team to join their organization to collaborate on data science projects. By default, every organization member can invite other team members into their Zepl organization.


Once you have brought together your team in Zepl, it's time to start analyzing data with data science. Spaces are a shared place for a group of users who are working together on a set of data science problems - they are a collection of notebooks which control many of the data science workflows in Zepl.

Access Control

Zepl helps you work securely on your most sensitive projects with fine grained access controls for your organization, your spaces, your notebooks, and your resources. With our easy to use access control model, it is simple to control the experience and features available for different types of users in the platform.

Authentication & SSO

Your organization is completely private to you and your company. When you create an organization your roster of organization members can log into Zepl using Zepl accounts and passwords. For organizations who use a single sign on provider for increased security, Zepl makes it simple to use this provider to control access to your Zepl org for invited team members.