Sign-Up for Zepl
There are currently 3 ways to sign-up for Zepl:
  • Create New Organization
  • Join Existing Organization
  • Snowflake Partner Connect

Create New Organization

Signing up for Zepl as the first member of your team is easy! Navigate to our registration page and follow the steps below: https://app.zepl.com/register
Step 1
When you sign up for Zepl, simply provide your business email to get started.
You are creating an Organization (to be shared with the people you are working with) as well as a personal Zepl account in that Organization. You can learn more about these Zepl concepts in other sections of our documentation.
Step 2
To create your Zepl Organization and Account, you simply need to provide us with basic contact information, the name of your company, and a password to create to your organization. Your provided company name will be used as the name of your organization.
Zepl registration form
Step 3
After providing the requested sign up information and clicking Next, we will send a 6 digit code to your email.
Six digit code sent to your email
Step 4
Enter the six digit code sent to your email on the screen screen to complete your signup.
Six digit code verification screen
Step 5
Congrats! You've completed the signup process. Once you land in the product, there are helpful guides and notebooks that are provided in My Notebooks that can help you get started using Zepl.
Guides can be found by clicking on the badge in the right corner
Once you finish creating your organization, your free trial of Zepl begins. You can learn more about your Zepl Trial, as well as how Zepl bills for usage, in other sections of this documentation.

Join Existing Organization

To join an organization, you must receive an invitation from a user in that organization. They can learn how to invite teammates in this section of our documentation.
Once they have invited you to join their organization, your Zepl account will automatically be created. You will receive an email that will enable you to log into this new account as well as set your own password for the account.
Step 1
Open your invitation email and copy the generated temporary password. Click the Login button.
Temporary password circled in red. Click Login to proceed.
Step 2
Log into your new account (associated with your email) with the temporary password into your colleague's existing organization (typically named after your company, and identified with an OXXXXXXXX number).
Step 3
Congrats, you've successfully logged into your organization for the first time! You can continue to log into your account in the future by using your temporary password until it is reset.
Step 4
Most users prefer to reset their passwords and edit their profiles. To do so, visit Manage Your Account to reset your password. You can also edit your name, add a profile picture, update your user information.

Snowflake Partner Connect

Zepl is proud to be a a Snowflake Elite Technology Partner. Existing Snowflake customers can easily sign up for Zepl from their Snowflake account. This program allows Snowflake users to quickly create a Zepl trial & connect Zepl to your Snowflake account. Here’s how you can get started using Zepl with Partner Connect:
Step 1
Log in to your Snowflake account as an ACCOUNTADMIN.
Partner Connect is only available for Snowflake users with the ACCOUNTADMIN permission
Step 2
Select the Partner Connect tile from the top right.
Step 3
Click the Zepl tile, followed by Connect. Snowflake will auto-create an extra-small data warehouse (PC_ZEPL_WH) and a database (PC_ZEPL_DATABASE) for you to pipe data into for use in Zepl.
Step 4
Once the account has been created, a pop-up will appear confirming that the Snowflake <> Zepl connection is ready to be activated. Click Activate to continue with the process.
Step 5
You can now choose between creating a new Zepl account / organization or connecting your Snowflake environment to an existing Zepl organization. To create your account, enter your email and click Next.
Step 6
After answering a few questions to create a new account account, you will begin a 30 day free trial with $100 worth of Zepl credit to run analytics.
Step 7
Log in to Zepl. Upon landing in the product, you will be shown how to run your first notebook via a guided tour.
Once you finish creating your organization, your free trial of Zepl begins. You can learn more about your Zepl Trial, as well as how Zepl bills for usage, in other sections of this documentation.