Join Existing Organization

To join an organization, you must receive an invitation from a user in that organization. They can learn how to invite teammates in this section of our documentation.
Once they have invited you to join their organization, your Zepl account will automatically be created. You will receive an email that will enable you to log into this new account as well as set your own password for the account.
Step 1
Open your invitation email and copy the generated temporary password. Click the Login button.
Temporary password circled in red. Click Login to proceed.
Step 2
Log into your new account (associated with your email) with the temporary password into your colleague's existing organization (typically named after your company, and identified with an OXXXXXXXX number).
Step 3
Congrats, you've successfully logged into your organization for the first time! You can continue to log into your account in the future by using your temporary password until it is reset.
Step 4
Most users prefer to reset their passwords and edit their profiles. To do so, visit Manage Your Account to reset your password. You can also edit your name, add a profile picture, update your user information.
You can learn more about how Zepl bills for usage in other sections of this documentation.