New Execution Engine (PREVIEW) - Coming Soon!

The existing notebook execution engine provides functionality to manage the lifecycle of the notebook containers. This was a great start, however we see the opportunity for expanding the notebook capabilities to clusters and additional distributed compute technology which requires a New Execution Engine.

Key Benefits of the New Execution Engine

  1. Improved notebook container start up time

  2. Support for Spark Clusters (Preview)

  3. Cloud agnostic and in the future will enable Zepl deployments (SaaS and VPZ) to run on any Cloud Provider including Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform

  4. Support for additional distributed compute including GPU, Dask, and Ray in the future

  5. Remote execution that in the future will move the execution even closer to the customer's data and into their cloud further reducing costs

The best part is there are no specific steps a user needs to take in order to utilize the New Execution Engine for containers. Zepl Support ([email protected]) can enable this for your organization(s) on request during Preview, and then this will become the standard execution engine for the future!