Zepl Containers are isolated environments that are used to execute code. Paired with an Image, these Containers provide a private runtime for a notebook when it spins up. The Image is the software template for the runtime session, the Container is the infrastructure template for the runtime session.
Each of these Container has a single CPU core and varies in the memory allocated to the notebook session. The Containers are labeled with t-shirt sizes which make it easy to scale up and scale down a size. These Containers can be quickly changed for a shut-down notebook in the notebook settings.
Larger Containers cost more credits to run per hour, but not so much so that picking a Container too large is a costly mistake. Each Container has a default time out period of 30 minutes - if the notebook executed a thread 30 minutes ago, the Container will shut down the notebook session.

Container Settings

Organization Owners and Infrastructure Administrators can manage the settings of existing Containers in an organization and create new Containers. They can:
  • Alter the name of Containers
  • Add descriptions to Containers
  • Adjust the time out period for a Container from 1 minute to 1440 minutes (24 hours)
  • Set a Container as a default for the organization