What is Zepl?

Notebook-powered analytics for enterprise teams
Zepl empowers your entire team to use data science and machine learning by providing a secure platform for analytics in an easy-to-use notebook format.
From the creators of Apache Zeppelin, Zepl provides data science teams all the tools they need to be successful analyzing data. Zepl supports the most widely adopted open-source notebooks on the market today, Jupyter and Apache Zeppelin, with more than 10 million tracked downloads of these solutions.
Zepl's multi-purpose notebook supports many language backends and comes with features that make it easy and productive to work on your data science projects in one place with colleagues. Extensible at its core, Zepl integrates elegantly with countless other popular frameworks and libraries. With no software to download, install or maintain, you and your team can use Zepl across any platform and anywhere, evolving your questions and ideas into answers and outcomes more rapidly. Data scientists, analysts, engineers, and executives – both technical and non-technical alike – can all unlock insights together in Zepl.

Share Notebooks Instantly

Frustrated by trying to share your notebooks over email or Github? Zepl lets you import and share your Jupyter and Zeppelin notebooks with all your dependencies intact, so you can collaborate easily with your technical and non-technical colleagues.

Scalabe Compute Resources

Easily scale up and down any amount of compute resources for any number of users without a call to IT. You’ll have all the resources you need when you need them while only paying for what you use thanks to Zepl’s per-minute pricing.

Usage Based Pricing

Still paying for resources even when they sit idle? Zepl’s container-based architecture spins up resources when you need them, and shuts them down when you don’t. So you never have to overpay for compute again.
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